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the square root of pi

the square root of pi
11 September 1980

this is where i work.

this is also what i say.

1984, a softer world, abandoned buildings, adbusters, alternative news, an idealistic future, anti-branding, anti-bush, anti-conservatism, anti-consumerism, anti-corporate america, anti-corporation, anti-globalization, anti-mass media, barenaked ladies, barsuk records, being hurt, better off dead, black-rimmed glasses, blankets, bleeding-heart liberals, bnl, brand new, bright eyes, butch walker, canning, carnivale, chris ware, civil disobedience, civil liberties, classical music, colin meloy, college professors, conor oberst, country cemeteries, craig thompson, crow t. robot, daniel clowes, death cab for cutie, desaparecidos, don adams, dr. seuss, dying quickly and painlessly, edward gorey, environmentalism, equal wages, explodingdog, fevers and mirrors, fuck bush, george orwell, get smart, ghost world, harvey danger, human rights, intellectuals, jack london, jason otero, jimmy corrigan, joel hodgson, john cusack, journalism, kevin spacey, king james version, la boheme, left-wing, les miserables, liberal, liberalism, lisa loeb, marketing, meaningless sex, michael moore, mixtapes, monkees, moulin rouge, music, musicals, my fair lady, never-ending boredom, new york city, noam chomsky, npr, olcott's, olcott's hotel, peter sellers, phillip seymour hoffman, photography, playing in the rain, plays, poetry, pot, poverty, pro-choice, protest, quills, radio silence, rainy days, read music/speak spanish, rent, road trips, saddle creek records, sarcasm, saves the day, say anything..., saying goodbye, sean nelson, secret gardens, serial killers, shakespeare, smoking pot, socialism, sociology, state and main, steven page, subsidized housing, summer nights, sushi, swing, t-shirt making, taking back sunday, tattoos, the beatles, the cure, the decemberists, the honorary title, the marvelous 3, the postal service, the shins, the weakerthans, the x-files, theater, theodore geisel, thrift shops, thrift stores, v for vendetta, vintage clothing, watching you cry, weed, willy wonka, women's rights, writing